Living an amazing life with the 9CupChallenge – what is it and what inspired me to create it

6 veggies and 3 fruit = 9CupChallenge

6 veggies and 3 fruit = 9CupChallenge

Hello Challenge Chasers,

So what is the 9CupChallenge and why should you consider it?

The 9CupChallenge is a way of eating every day that involves eating 6 cups of veggies and 3 cups of fruit that will lead you towards better health.

I came across the idea after seeing this video from Dr Terry Wahls.  She speaks to what she did to improve her health which included eating 9 cups veggie and fruit along with the other foods she ate which helped to bring her from a very unhealthy state filled with pain to a fully vibrant life filled with joy. Because she had MS, she focused on her repairing her mitochondria.  I thought, what if everyone ate 9 Cups of Veggies and Fruit every day.  Why do we need to get sick before we start to improve our health.

Here is what she consumed to feed her mitochondria.

  • 9 cups of veggies and fruit.
    • 3 cups of leafy greens – think leaf lettuce, romaine, spinach, parsley, kale
    • 3 cups of sulphur rich foods – broccoli, cabbage, onions, garlic, turnips, leeks, avocados, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, asparagus, watermelon, bananas, coconut, pineapple, mushrooms, kale
    • 3 cups of bright colours – eat a rainbow – enjoy beets, carrots, peppers, peaches, oranges, strawberries, blue berries, raspberries, red cabbage
  • Wild fish – salmon and herring
  • Grass fed meats
  • Organ meat
  • Seaweed

It is an impressive list.  But hey, maybe you don’t meat or there are some items that you don’t enjoy.  For now, my thought is, well don’t eat them.  I don’t eat organ meats and I rarely eat chicken but I do eat fish once a week.  I prefer a plant-based diet and usually eat 6 days a week just eating plants, nuts, seeds, legumes and limited grains.  That is what makes me feel amazing.  We are all different and what eat person likes or decides to eat to make them feel amazing is a personal choice.  Either way, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian or Carnivore, one thing we all need to do it to eat more vegetables and have a limited amount of fruit.

When I first started on eating 9 cups of veggies and fruit aka the 9CupChallenge, I was amazed at how much it was to eat in one day.  I also drink green juice so I get a lot of veggies and one fruit in first thing in the morning.  My green juice is wonderful and gives me energy and provides will power to stay the course on my healthy eating approach for the day.  I have been enjoying green juice for 314 days now and I cannot imagine life without it (either fresh or in powdered form).  This does not mean you have to drink green juice, but it is a great way to get veggies and fruit into you without hours of eating.

One of the reasons that the 9CupChallenge works is that if you plan each meal and snack around veggies and fruit, you will be surprised at how little you crave of the foods that are not really good for you.  It also fills your plate, leaving little room for carbs and meat.  Your focus is on the veggies and with so many colours and delicious veggies out there, your eyes will enjoy the feast as much as your taste buds.  When your plate is full with fresh veggies, and it does take longer to eat  and the results are you eat slower, eat less crap and it allows you to feed your mitochondria leading to better health.

Follow this blog for ideas on how to get more veggies and fruit into your day along with gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free recipes.  I will also share health tips, educational videos I find, reviews of books I think you should read or even purchase and finally provide some direction to some of the packaged goods that you will want to add to your pantry to help you with your health journey.

Here is a sample of some of the meals I enjoy and that you can find posted in this blog (links are included at the bottom of the post).

As a reminder, the Canadian Food Guide recommends that you consume daily 7-8 servings of fruits and veggies for women 19-50 and 8-10 servings for men 19-50.  Once over 50 it is reduced to 7 servings for both sexes.  Think about the last time you actually ate 7 servings?  In the reading I have done most of the wellness experts recommend 10-15 servings per day with the majority of the servings being veggies and less fruit.  I look at 9 cups as a manageable solution that keeps me challenged daily to get to 9 cups.

As you explore the world of vegetables and fruit, be sure to consider eating organic veggies and fruit.  They taste better, have more nutrients and have a lot less chemicals on them.  On a limited budget?  Look to the Dirty Dozen and avoid buying these items conventionally (buy organic instead).  You can also find comfort with the Clean 15 for the items that have the least amount of chemicals used during their journey from seed to harvest.

So as the new year begins are you ready start the 9CupChallenge?   Today, why not start with adding one extra cup of veggies and then add an extra serving each week.  In 9 weeks you will notice how great you start to feel.  I would love to hear from you on your journey.

Cheers to your new goal!

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

My morning Green Juice

My morning Green Juice. Every day is amazing when it starts with Green Juice. No coffee needed.

My morning green juice - Veggies to start my day and achieve the 9CupChallenge

My morning green juice – Veggies to start my day and achieve the 9CupChallenge

Interested in the recipes I posted above?  Here are the links:

4 thoughts on “Living an amazing life with the 9CupChallenge – what is it and what inspired me to create it

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    • Hi Ellen,

      Cooked or Raw – that is a great question. If you don’t eat veggies now, start with lightly steaming your veggies so your body get comfortable with the extra fibre you are adding. If you currently eat lots of steamed veggies, start making more of them raw. What I have read is that your plate should be 60-80% raw so you get lots of the natural plant enzymes with every meal. Plant enzymes help with digestion. For Canadians in the winter or any other cold weather climate, going completely raw might be challenging. This winter, I adjusted my completely raw eating approach to include more veggie soup, steamed veggies and stir-fry as I was just too cold all the time, and the adjustment helped. In the late spring, I will likely go back to all raw. Either way, start slowly, be kind to yourself and ease into veggies and raw food.

      Yes the ginger is a large amount. I like a lot of ginger but again, I worked up to the amount. I find organic ginger is full of flavour and therefore you use less. I started with a centimeter of ginger and worked myself up. Sometimes I add bitter veggies to my green juice to aid in my digestive healing and the extra ginger makes it more enjoyable to drink. Before I started eating this way, I bought ginger twice in my life and watched it rot. Now I used it for teas, cooking, dressings and green juice.

      Search on Green Juice on my blog and you will get several recipes.

      Enjoy the 9CupChallenge.


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