Mid-morning snack idea 1

A mid morning snack of a mid-sized organic apple and almonds

Wellness path followers,

So you are on board for the juice and now at about 10:00 you are hungry.  So what will I eat for my mid-morning snack you ask?

An organic apple and almonds (12-17).

I personally head out to Costco and buy a large bag of almonds for about $10.  We then take a week’s worth of almonds out of the bag, put them in a container and leave them out in a cupboard for quick snacking.  I seal the large bag with a clip and put the bag in the freezer to keep them fresher.

I buy my organic apples usually at @OrganicGarage but I am impressed with Metro lately as they have a good selection of organics too.

The apple and almond combination provides a good balanced mid-morning snack with a complex carbohydrate (apple) and lean protein with fat (almonds).  The combination of the three means you will get the energy from the apple and almonds but it will be released slowly into your blood stream which means making it to lunch without starving.

Why 12-17 almonds?  Well, if you are like me, I need to know my serving limit as I could easily eat twice that amount.  Some people say the serving size is 12.  16 does it for me. Or maybe today I want 17.  Don’t sweat it –  just don’t do more than that.   Just remember to eat each one slowly and allow the saliva in your month to help start the digestion process.

This snack works for a cleanse or clean eating approach.  For a candida cleanse, just use a granny smith apple instead of the red apple I used.

Happy snacking,

Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner

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