About 9 Cup Challenge

My journey to health

My journey to health

This is my journey to wellness that I am so pleased to share with you.   I believe that if everyone ate 9 cups of veggies and fruit each day we would all be healthier.  That breaks down to 6 cups of Veggies and 3 cups of Fruit.  Want to learn more about what inspired me to start the 9CupChallenge and what it is all about, check out this post and this post.

I love food – making, baking, creating and sharing food. My current focus is eating for nutrition and wellness.  After changing my diet to 6 cups of veggies and 3 cups of fruit daily and eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar and processed food, the headaches I have suffered from for 40 years have disappeared as have my allergies and a long list of other health challenges.  I feel amazing.  Whole food is my medicine.  Yoga and Pilates are my balance for deep breathing, strength training and meditation.

I was so impressed by the improvements to my own health, I did two things:

  1. Created this blog, 9CupChallenge.com, that shares my story, what I have learned so far and lots of very descriptive recipes. Sharing my journey will hopefully help others to enjoy new foods as they begin their own wellness journey.  Learn more about the 9CupChallenge.
  2. Went back to school to study and become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.  Once I am certified, I hope to create my own practice to help others enjoy the benefits of living life to the fullest with food as their medicine.

Interested in learning more?  Follow me on:

Twitter: @9CupChallenge

You can follow this blog at 9CupChallenge.com

I also share marketing insights with @JoAnnBlondin on Twitter.

Legal Notices:

I am not a doctor or medical professional.  Please consult your medical professional before making any changes to your existing diet or exercise plan.  Your doctor should be part of your journey to wellness.  Each person is unique and ideas that are shared will have different results for each person so it is very important that you work with your medical team. The author assumes no responsibility for any actions you take after reading this blog.  The reader assumes all responsibility.

All photography, images, graphs, charts and content are copyright to Jo-Ann Blondin.

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