TEDxIowaCity – Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria

Let me introduce you to Dr Teryy Wahls.  Her story is truly inspirational.  At a time when she was facing her own personal battle against MS, she opened her mind to new ideas.

Ever wondered about the impact that food makes on your health?   Well this simple question was the wellness journey that Dr Wahls went on to battle her MS.  This video is an excellent TED talk by Dr. Terry Wahls and how she reversed her MS through food and nutrition.

Her approach is simple and yet complex.  As a doctor she understands the human body. For years she followed a medical approach to managing her disease by using drugs and the best care she knew yet she watched her MS symptoms win the battle of controlling her body.  Determined to not let MS win, she looked to what happens when you have MS, how it affects your brain and muscles.  It came down to her mitochondria.  She knew she had to find new ways to cure herself with food and nutrition.  She turned to the internet to learn more.  Watch the video to see her amazing results.

If food and nutrition can reverse the effects of MS, imagine how amazing you could feel eating clean.

Cheers to all you to as you mind your mitochondria.

Jo,  your 9CupChallenge partner

5 thoughts on “TEDxIowaCity – Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria

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