The kindness of strangers

Fred and Hockey

Fred and Hockey.  When you give your time to others because it brings you joy, your repayment for your kindness sometimes comes back in unexpected ways years later.

Hello kindness,

Today I received an email from my old hockey clinic coach about how a stranger saved his life.  His story is how a wonderful lady saved his life when he had a heart attack while driving and then lost control of his car.

I find his story so amazing.  You see, I only got to know Fred because I had been in a car accident.  The registered massage therapist who I was seeing to help with my whiplash was thinking about joining a hockey clinic and asked me if I wanted to join her as my recovery was improving with the assistance of pilates and chiropractic treatments.  I was interested.  I had been coaching girl’s hockey but had never played and thought the clinic might be a good way learn new skills.  Recovering from my accident now had a goal and a new experience waiting for me.

I asked another mom on my daughter’s team if she wanted to join me at the clinic and she asked a few of her friends.  We all showed up to the first day of the clinic and met Fred.  Fred was an amazing man who gave his time and energy to ladies from their 20-50’s and made each one of us feel special.  His humour and teasing made each session fun.  He pushed us beyond our comfort levels and made sure we did our personal best.  His confidence in us encouraged my new friends and me to join a ladies hockey league.  For years we attended Fred’s hockey clinic and the ladies hockey league.

So here I am 8 years later, reading about how a random stranger saved Fred’s life.  I am not surprised that he had a guardian angel looking after him.  He gave so much of his time to help so many ladies learn hockey that it only seems fitting a lady would rescue him.

Four months after his accident, his story was covered by Breakfast Television on the day he actually got to meet the lady who saved him.  I was amazed to see him with a cane as I only knew Fred on a pair of skates.  Fred’s accident was a year ago.  Today he is playing hockey, basketball and walking again.

Recovering from illness, surgery and accidents take time.  You take each day at a time and then you reflect back a year later and realize how much fuller your life is.

May you help other people because it brings you joy.

To the kindness of strangers,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

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