Tree Huggers and The New Green Giants – Learn more about organics

Tree Hugger - I tried it and felt the energy from the old tree

Tree Hugger – I tried it and felt the energy from the old tree

Hello Tree Huggers,

I am sure you have heard of the saying and it is often used for people who are in the environmental activism role.

Well the other day, I stopped and hugged a really big old tree – and guess what?  It was awesome.  You could feel the energy from the old tree.  Now I know what you are thinking – she drinks that green juice thing and now she has lost it.  Well for the record, I was with three other adults, who do not follow what I eat and I had them try the tree-hugging to see if they felt anything.  And yes they did.

I felt like I was in Avatar with the Tree of Life.

There is no scientific study with regression analysis to prove what we felt – we just did.

As you consider changing what you eat to an organic, wholefoods, plant-based diet, I ask you to consider common sense as well as looking for scientific proof that a nutritious eating approach will improve your wellness.  There are certainly a lot of people who need support to get healthier, and to me, the easiest way to start, is to look at digestion and what you put into your body.

When I was at the Canadian Organic Grower’s 2013 Conference, a documentary that was mentioned was the The New Green Giants that was shown on CBC DocZone  I thought you might want to take it in and start building your knowledge base on the organics industry and why people choose to go organic.

May your day be filled with knowledge and good quality organic foods,

To tree-hugging,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

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