Feather, Fur and Fin – a great song to make you think

Hello Sweet Songs,

Ever hear a song on the radio that you like right away and think I want to find and hear that song again.  Well yesterday, I was listening to CBC radio and I heard Feather, Fur and Fin by Danny Michel.  Here it is for you to listen and watch (3rd video in series).

I enjoy listening to CBC as they introduce me to artists that are not always mainstream.  In fact, I heard K’naan first on CBC and loved his music.  I sat in my car in my driveway one night years ago listening to his interview and his music – loving every minute.  I then spent weeks looking for his album Troubadour in stores.  A year later he was a household name.  Then I heard this interview as well.

So what does K’naan and Danny Michel have to do with the 9CupChallenge?  Both K’naan and Danny carry a message about caring for people and the planet.  The 9CupChallenge is about eating a mostly plant-based diet that is organic and full of whole foods which is good for the planet and the people who live here on earth.

And listening to music is good for your soul.

May we sing to the same song of leaving the world in a better state.

To sweet music and dancing for joy,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

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