Meet some of the people who bring you great organic food prepared in Ontario

Tradition Miso Organic Brown Rice Aged three years

Tradition Miso Organic Brown Rice Aged three years and made in Ontario

Hello Healthy Organic Food Lovers,

On Saturday the hubby and I attended the Guelph Organic Conference in, you guessed it, Guelph, Ontario.  I was delighted to meet some of the people who own the companies and actually make the great food I like to purchase.  I thought I would introduce you to them and give you the links to their sites so you can check them out too.  I share this info because I like the food they sell, not because I have received any financial incentive or free product (although I would be happy to enjoy the product for free).  I like knowing who makes and prepares the food I eat.

The Tradition Miso is one of the 8 Gluten-Free products on my list that I like (you will find a miso soup recipe there too).  I also use it in the following recipes  “Who Took My Mango” Dressing,  I love my Life Salad, Asian Miso Orange Dressing and Creamy Tahini Dressing.   Here is the link to their website and and article from the Toronto Star.  The hubby and I had a great chat with Jerry and Suzanne and it was very clear how passionate they are about their products.  Their product is made in Claremont, Ontario.

The Wrap it Up Raw organic wrap is one I use frequently to make wraps in my home.  I usually use one of the hummus recipes I make Green Monster Hummus, Spicy Hummus or the latest Toasted Sesame and Fresh Turmeric Hummus along with sprouts, cucumber and maybe an avocado.  They also work well with scrambled eggs.  Owner Joanne Van Liefland, who is a Register Holistic Nutritionist and Fitness Instructor, was so impressed with how food can improve a person’s health, she created this wrap.  The product is made in Port Dover, Ontario.

The Filsinger’s Organic Apple Butter is a bit of a dessert for me.  As I don’t eat sugar, Apple Butter is on my list of foods to eat occasionally as there is no sugar added as the apples sweeten it naturally.  I love to add it to my rice cake and almond butter mid morning snack along with hemp hearts and flax seeds.  Their orchard is in Ayton, Ontario.

Finally, I love sprouts.  I use them in Friends Sprout Salad, Reflections Spout Salad, and Super Easy Raw Veggie Rice Paper Rolls.  I was super pleased to meet owner Kathry Gorzo who informed that they just moved locations to keep up with the demands for their sprouts which is great as you will want to try them out for the recipes.  The new location is Windham Centre, Ontario.

We met many other vendors who also had great products.  I did not take a picture of Mark from GiddyYoyo who explained his new stay fresh packaging, outer packaging and larger chocolate bars.  We of course sampled many of the flavours and walked away with great chocolate which I have been enjoying along with more maca for my Maca Madness Smoothie.  Their products are prepared and packaged in Orangeville, Ontario.

We had a wonderful day meeting vendors and speaking to the owners of the companies who make the quality, organic food that I enjoy and serve my family as well as use in recipes that I share with you.

May your day be filling with a connection to the people who bring food to your table.

To quality organic food,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner.

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