“It’s not easy being Green” for Kermit and Green Juicer drinkers

Hello Muppet Fans and Green Juice Drinkers,

In the words of Kermit the Frog, “It is not easy being Green”.

As a teenager, I had a thing for Kermit and for frogs.  It started simple with just liking Kermit and then a few frogs.  Then suddenly everyone I knew was giving me frogs.  From my sixteenth birthday until I was 18 everyone bought or brought me frogs for every event or just because.  I was grateful at first and my collection grew and grew.  Then I started to get a few unusual frogs and I was running out of room.  The final straw was the two last frogs.  My Aunt K bought me a four foot frog from a garage sale and my new boyfriend (now husband) bought me a two foot tall ceramic frog with big red lips.  I was out of room and the frogs were no longer cute and were getting a bit strange.

My Kermit family - surround yourself with other Green minded individuals

My Kermit family – surround yourself with other Green minded individuals

Luckily, I moved away for university returning home each summer to enjoy my over crowded collection.  When I married my hubby, I packed up the frogs and left them at my parent’s house.  After a few years away, my parents decided it was time to take home the frogs.  I of course, did the young adult thing of forgetting them each time I visited – after all I had no room for them.  So my Dad – ever the funny guy – decided he would give them back to me in a humourous way.  Each time I came for a visit, he would take my car keys and hide a frog in my car.  I would open the glove compartment to get something and there would be a frog.  Search under the seat – another frog.  Then he would stop for a bit and then start again to keep the element of surprise going.  It was actually fun to get them this way.  Then one day I got the box of the rest and they all came home with me.  I have given away most of the frogs but saved the Kermit(s), a Kermit mug, a cute little frog and the big ceramic frog from my hubby.  The ceramic frog sits proudly at Riverbend and I hope he survives the winter as this is his first one outside instead of in the shed.

Team Muppet - years of fun

Team Muppet – years of fun

Collecting frogs made me a bit unusual but it gave me great joy.  My friends supported my love of frogs and we all had a lot of fun.  My sister collected Miss Piggy and a very close friend was into Fozzy the Bear.  What fun we had on the Muppet team.  Best of all was the Muppet Show.   You could hear my laughs throughout the house as  I enjoyed the Muppet Show.  Each Christmas, much to the pain of my family, I play my CD of John Denver and the Muppets singing Christmas Carols (oh Gonzo you rock).  It brings back happy days and super memories of my amazing friends and reminds me, I am still surrounded by my friends who support me in all my unusual and delightful ways.

So what does this have to do with Green Juice?

Green Juice does make one a bit unusual but it brings me and the other people who drink it great joy.  Together, we form a community of people who are on a journey to wellness.  We laugh, we support each other and we encourage others to join our fabulous wellness team.  But it is not always easy being the green juice drinker in a crowd of non-believers.  That is OK with me.  I am totally cool with being green, drinking green juice and being different. I also love a good laugh and you can bet the jokes fly when I drink green juice at parties.   In the words of Kermit “it is what I want to be”. For me, green juice has helped to increase my wellness and opened me up to new experiences, people and opportunities.

A family of Green Juice Drinkers

A family of Green Juice Drinkers

As of last week, my husband and son, are now both on board with the green juice train.  You are never too old or too young to start something new.  Why not try some Green Juice today?

May your day be filled with Green Juice, laughter and supportive family and friends.

To laughing with the old guys in the Muppet Show,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner


At the request of a few readers here is the frog my hubby gave me that had the wonderful red lips.  She has lost her paint and actually looks kinda cool now that she is all white.

The final frog

The final frog – you can only imagine the green paint and red lips

2 thoughts on ““It’s not easy being Green” for Kermit and Green Juicer drinkers

  1. Jo-Ann, thanks so much for posting that Statler and Waldorf video; it made me laugh out loud, which is a great (and healthy) way to start the day. Speaking of green juice, I wonder if you saw the piece (http://bit.ly/V6nMIn) by Courtney Shea in the Globe and Mail last week, in which she writes about trying a juice detox. She seems not totally convinced, but she writes that she appreciated what sounds a bit like your “green juice” and says she found a recipe to make her own. I wonder if it was yours!

    • Hi Katherine,

      Glad I could make your morning start with a good laugh.

      I checked out the Globe and Mail article by Courtney Shea. She is referring to doing a green juice detox – which is basically like living on liquids after a week of overindulging. I am not surprised she was not successful beyond one day. I know I personally could not do it that way.

      The green juice program I follow is all about eating a whole foods diet which includes 6 meals a day. I only started green juice once I had been eating clean for 18 months. I slowly dropped my coffee by reducing the amount I drank each day, and then removed wheat and dairy. I followed the 21 day cleanse in Crazy Sexy Diet which has you do several weeks of clean eating, reducing foods and then eliminating foods that leave toxins in your body before you start the cleanse. I started the green juice before I began the cleanse but it is part of the 21 day cleanse as it provides lots of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. The green juice allowed me to stay off coffee and manage my food cravings. It worked for me, but everyone is unique so each person will experience different results. After the 21 days, I felt so amazing, I just kept eating a plant-based diet with no sugar, dairy or gluten. It is extreme and to others it may sound like the juice cleanse that the G&M writer refers too. I was ready to improve my health and willing to do what it takes. I am so glad I began the journey as it is one that has new adventures each and every week.

      I hope your day is amazing and that you work in some veggies – and it does not have to be green juice.


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