Water – time to increase your intake

Water - filtered and one litre

Water – filtered and one litre

Hi H2O Drinkers,

Here I am again, reminding you to drink your water – yes 7-12 cups a day.  I previously posted two perspectives on water

I reread them today and thought they were worth you reading them too in case you missed them.

As January is here and many people may have set goals to detox, to drop a few pounds, to increase exercise or to be healthier and there is a direct relationship to the amount of water you drink.

    • Detox – you need lots of water to move the toxins out of your body.  It helps to flush your liver, add fluid to your blood stream and helps to move your bowels so you release the remaining toxins.  Add some lemon to your morning water to help with the liver detox.
    • Drop a few pounds – likely over the holidays you had more salt and sugar than you usually have.  Increasing your water helps to release the water you are holding on to.  And it helps with hunger as you are likely thirsty.  Many people drink more than they usually do (booze, coffee, pop, juice) and forget to add the water back in.  Get back in the habit of drinking your water.
    • Increase exercise – when you sweat you release toxins.  Again, replenish the water you lost in your workout with more water.  Adding a sauna to the end of your stay at the gym?  Bring a water bottle in with you and increase your intake to two more cups to replace the water lost in the sauna.
    • Move you bowels – let’s face it, changing you eating habits over the holidays leaves many people constipated or with diarrhea.  Time to increase your water to get things moving.  Not enough water leads to constipation.  Why have your intestines filled with toxins when water helps flush it out.
    • Be healthier – water is so important to your health.  Drinking your 7-12 cups, not only helps move bowels, it avoids dry skin.  There is also a link to a lack of water with chronic health problems like adult-onset diabetes, arthritis  asthma, back-pain, cataracts, chronic fatigue syndrome, colitis, depression, heartburn, high blood pressure, high cholesterol  kidney stones, lupus, migraines, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy (Source 1).

So get out the water filter and enjoy your 7-12 cups of water.  To make sure you are drinking 7-12 cups, get a container that holds several cups and mentally record each time you are done.  I have one that holds a litre as I like to know I drank a litre during the day over and above the water I drank first thing in the morning.

Finally my last tip – hold off on the water with meals – particularly ice water.  Let your digestive fluids do their work undiluted.  But if you really need to have water, just do small sips at room temperature water.  Think of the ice-cold water like fat going down the drain – you would never add ice-cold water to assist it – you always use warm or hot water to make sure the drain does not plug.  It is best that you drink your water an hour before each meal.

May your day be filled with lots of water and your bathroom be close by.

To water – a precious resource that we can’t live without.

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner.

1. Source: Haas, Elson M, MD, Staying Healthy with Nutrition, Chapter 1, Water, page 14

Water - filtered and on snow

Water – is best to drink at room temperature, an hour before meals and filtered. Refreshing water – in all seasons.

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