Tasty Raw Almond Milk

Tasty Raw Almond Milk

Tasty Raw Almond Milk – refreshing and a great alternative to dairy.

Hi Raw Milk lovers,

I am not able to eat any dairy due to food sensitives/allergies so I tried a few alternative milk products and found I liked Almond Milk the best.  I also eat food that does not contain chemicals, words I cannot pronounce, or have no idea what the ingredient is.  Plus I avoid sugar.  This leaves me with very little options when I read the labels on many of the Almond Milk containers.  So I made my own – and it is amazing!

Even if you can consume dairy, it is a good idea to rotate your foods so why not try Almond Milk a few days this week.

I would love it hear from you if you make the recipe – it is a hit at my home.

Tasty Raw Almond Milk

  • 1 cup soaked raw almonds (soaked overnight)
  • 6 cups filtered water
  • 2 dates (pitted)
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Just before going to bed, head back down to the kitchen and place raw almonds in a  bowl and cover with an inch of water.  You can also do this before you leave for work in the morning.
  2. After soaking, the water will be not longer be clear, drain the water.
  3. If you want really white milk, remove the outer skin from the almond – this is really fun.  Just place an almond between your fingers and the skin will slip off.  I actually imagine a game could be made of this.
  4. If you don’t have the time, leave the skin on – it just make a creamier beige milk than a whiter milk.
  5. Give the almonds another rinse with filtered water and drain off the water.
  6. Place the soaked almonds in a high speed blender.
  7. Add 3 cups of the filtered water, the pitted dates, cinnamon and vanilla.
  8. Start on slow, move to high than boost until fully combined.
  9. Open a mesh milk bag over a 4 cup measure cup and pour the milk mixture in the bag.
  10. Close the string on the milk bag.
  11. Slowly lift the bag up and start to squeeze the bag from the top.  Keep squeezing the bag until no milk comes out.
  12. Store the finished milk in a larger container for future storage in your fridge (should hold 6 cups)
  13. Take the mixture in the bag and add back to the blender.
  14. Pour in 2 cups of filtered water and blend until fully combined.
  15. Repeat the milking process.
  16. Add the milk from this round to the first batch of milk.
  17. Take the mixture in the bag and once again add back to blender.
  18. Pour in 1 cup of filtered water and blend until fully combined.
  19. Repeat the milking process.
  20. Add the milk from the final batch to the larger container of milk.
  21. Stir to combine the milk.
  22. Enjoy a glass now, or store in the fridge until cold.


  • You could make the process easier by doing it all in one batch but the milking part would be harder and from experience will make a mess.  I also want to get maximum use of my almonds.
  • Almond milk does separate so you will want to mix it up each time you use it.
  • Almond milk goes great in smoothie.
  • No time to make almond milk but want to add it to a smoothie?  Just use a tablespoon of almond butter and one cup of water instead.  A quick solution.
  • Buy your almonds and keep them in the freezer to keep them from going rancid.
  • Almond skins have lots of benefits – read about it here and here.
  • Here are the benefits of soaking nuts and grain from Food Matters – a film worth viewing.
  • Use raw almonds – not toasted.

May you find new alternatives to dairy when you need to.

To refreshing, tasty cold almond milk.

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

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