Movie Night: Sugar – The Bitter Truth

MOVIE NIGHT Increasing your wellness education Sugar The Bitter Truth

Hi Sweet Learners,

Tonight our movie night is Sugar The Bitter Truth.  This is an 89 minute video on the impact of sugar and fructose on your body from the University of California.  This is a really interesting video that provides a great in-depth scientific view to how your body’s organs react to fructose.  This also gives a better view to the obesity epidemic.

You will certainly want to read your food labels after viewing this one.

What I really like about the video is the stats and scientific view to food and your wellness.  Your brain actually is fooled into thinking it is starving and wants more fructose.  Watch the video and see how the cycle of fructose creates an unhealthy state of wellness.  It will make you never want to serve fructose to your kids in the form of a sports drink.

May your weekend be filled with sweet, healthy relationships and wellness education.

To your sweet wellness,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

2 thoughts on “Movie Night: Sugar – The Bitter Truth

  1. Reblogged this on I Quit Sugar and Love Life and commented:
    This is a MUCH WATCH video! I have actually watched this a few times to really nail it home why I quit sugar and I really needed this video while I was quitting sugar. Sometimes I think back to all the soda I have drunk over my lifetime (I am in my 30’s! shhh don’t tell!) and I am appalled that I just never knew any better!!

    • Totally agree it is a MUCH Watch video. I too have watched it several times. I am more appalled that I gave my kids sports drinks and fruit punch when they were little. Thankfully we cut it all out along with pop when they were under ten. I just did not know how addictive the drinks were until we stopped them. We found we could not have any pop or fruit punch in the house (for parties) as it got consumed before we needed it. Now that they are adults, they make decisions on their own and usually pick water or tea. We still do not have pop in the house.

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