Why I love Pilates

A path of healing brings new twists of discovery - Pilates was an unexpected joy

A path of healing brings new twists of discovery – Pilates was an unexpected solution to my whiplash. A solution that continues to bring joy to me years later.

Hi wellness path followers,

I feel great today as I have done two Pilates classes in the last two days.  Pilates is a wonderful addition to your activity list as it helps to strengthen your core.

We now spend way too many hours in front of a computer which for many of means rounded shoulders and poor posture.  Poor posture usually results in shallow breathing and a reduced amount of oxygen which is essential for good health.  Core strength training helps you have great posture at the computer and in all parts of your life.

I was first introduced to Pilates after a car accident left me with severe whiplash.  I was working with a Chiropractor and a Massage Therapist for pain and recovery and was healing.  They suggested I speak with their third partner – a nurse who had trained to be a personal Pilates coach  – to discuss if Pilates would be a viable solution to help me gain back the muscle control that I needed to fully recover.  The Pilates coach felt that one to one coaching with a focus on the small muscles in my upper back would be a good place to start and over time we would build up core strength so that all the muscles in my core recovered and supported a natural alignment of my spine.  I submitted the recovery plan to my insurance company and they approved the approach.

After 6 weeks of coaching that was more frequent with shorter sessions at the beginning and over time became longer sessions but spaced out more, my muscle control was improving dramatically.  Even my insurance company was impressed.  I continued with the entire recovery plan for months.  When my insurance coverage ran out, I continued with Pilates, massage and chiropractic treatments to manage ongoing pain.  My health care team were there to support me long term.

That was accident was 8 years ago this month – I still use massage and chiropractic treatments for pain management as I find them extremely effective in dealing with various challenges that come up.

I continue to do Pilates as it strengths my core, improves my posture, helps relieve my neck from computer time and helps me to breath deeply.

Today in my Pilates practice, I kept thinking about how both Yoga and Pilates are helpful in assisting you to breath.  I always feel great after both as my body has been strengthened,  stretched, and fully oxygenated.  I find that only doing Yoga or Pilates is not enough for me – I need both.  My classes are filled with gym members who also do both as we all find the two work really well together.

If you have never tired Pilates, I would suggest you connect with a friend and give it a try together.  Same for Yoga.   Sharing new experiences with a friend is so much fun.

May your weekend allow you to breath in the pleasure of Pilates.

To deep breathing on your journey to wellness,

Jo-Ann Blondin, your 9CupChallenge partner

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