Are you drinking enough water?

Are you drinking enough water? Adjust your intake according to your situation. More is better than not enough.

Hi H2O lovers

This weekend I decided to up my water intake.  I thought I was drinking enough water but my hands were super dry and I felt dehydrated.  I drank about 12 cups of water each day and by the end of the weekend my skin looked younger as the cracks smoothed out.

Turns out we need about 12 cups of water a day which comes from the following:

  • 4 cups from food (assuming a more plant- based diet)
  • 1 cup from the breakdown of this food
  • 7 cups from drinking refreshing filtered water

The actual amount an individual needs depends on a few things:

  • size
  • activity level
  • climate
  • temperature
  • diet
  • some health situations that might require more or less water (think fever, diarrhea, kidney disease).  Best to check with your doctor here.

Some interested stats on water consumption in North America:

  • 20% drink no water at all per day
  • 42% drink 2 cups or less per day
  • 38% drink more that two cups per day

Most people confuse thirst with hunger.  The next time you are feel hungry, enjoy a glass of filtered water and wait 20 minutes.  If you are no longer hungry, you were likely thirsty.  Soon you will learn the signs of thirst over hunger.

I think I will go get another cup of water right now  – suddenly I am feeling very thirsty.

Are you getting enough water each day?

To your thirst for knowledge,


Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner

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