Interesting video on Clinton’s new approach to eating

Hi Life-long learners,

I think you will enjoy this short clip from an interview with former President Bill Clinton.  He speaks to his new approach to eating which is mainly vegan (with a bit of occasional fish).  In the clip he states “I’m trying to be one of those experimenters,” said Clinton. “Since 1986, several hundred people who have tried essentially a plant-based diet, not ingesting any cholesterol from any source, has seen their bodies start to heal themselves — break up the arterial blockage, break up the calcium deposits around the heart. 82 percent of the people who have done this have had this result, so I want to see if I can be one of them.”

This would mean Clinton eats a plant-based diet, with no dairy, no meat of any kind, no chicken, no turkey, but he does eat a small amount of fish.  Clinton has read many books on wellness which all support a plant-based diet, including books by T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. Dean Ornish.

The 9CupChallenge is all about a mainly plant-based diet.  Only you can decide if vegan or vegetarianism is for you.  As each person is an individual, you need to experiment and see what brings you to better health.  Just be respectful of the choices others make to get healthy as they may be different than what you need to do to get healthy.

As I learn more about health and wellness the best guidance I can give you is to educate yourself by reading books, attending seminars and watching videos on wellness.

I will continue to find interesting videos to share as I do believe that you need to hear the wellness message from many people and I think Clinton really helps bring some credibility to the wellness revolution.

To your wellness,

Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner

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