Mid-morning snack idea 2

A very tasty mid-morning snack – Almond Butter and Brown Rice cake

One of my favourite mid-morning snacks is crunchy almond butter on a rice cake.  My mouth is watering as I write this just thinking about it.

This snack is easy to make and enjoy right away.  Just put the rice cake on a small plate and spread the almond butter on the rice cake.  As you eat it, bits of the rice cake will likely drop on the plate – just put them on the top of the rice cake – they will stick to the almond butter.

To make it a dessert, just add a teaspoon of apple butter over the almond butter.  So yummy.

A few tips on rice cakes:

  • When you buy them, be sure to check the label.  You want to purchase the ones without sugar.  I like Lundbery Organic Wild Brown Rice cakes.
  • The last rice cake in the bag will usually be busted up.  Just take the crumbs and add them to salad and it is just like a crunchy crouton.
  • There are lots of flavoured rice cakes.  Again read the label and be watch for ingredients you can’t pronounce, sugar and salt topping.

This mid-morning snack provides a carbohydrate , protein and fat.  While delicious, you would still be better off with an apple or pear instead of the rice cake as the fruit will have more fibre.  But hey, mix it up.   Why not have the apple or pear in 90 minutes and they eat lunch at 1:00.  It really is all about letting your food digest before you add more to your stomach.

A great idea to increase your fibre and get your Omega 3 is to add 1 or 2 teaspoons of ground flaxseed to the top.  As flax has a bit of a nutty taste the combination works well.  Ease yourself into the ground flaxseed and be sure to increase your water throughout the day.

Eat slowly, focus on enjoying your food and relax.  Good digestion starts with you in a relaxed state of mind and allowing your saliva to start breaking down your food.

Let me know if you like this snack.

To your wellness,

Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner.

Lundberg Brown Rice cakes. A good organic rice cake – no salt and no sugar

Lundberg Brown rice cake ingredients – just rice.

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