Beauty quest answered 6 hours later

Earth Lab Cosmetics – Vegan, high quality and made in Canada. A dark purple eye-liner and black mascara.

Hello Beautiful,

For some reason I always meet great people at Organic Garage who share there knowledge and leave me feeling richer for my decision to go organic.  This week, I met two amazing ladies.  One is the Director of Marketing for Earth Lab Cosmetics and the other was the owner of Bozena’s Aesthetics, a holistic skin and body care spa in Burlington, Ontario.

I thought it was amazing that I would meet them as in the morning I was thinking about how I could move forward with finding a new holistic skin care and make-up routine.

Jen and Bozena were two wonderful ladies who shared their knowledge of smoothies, eating organic, take out salads and of course beauty products.  We originally met in the veggie section and when I hit the beauty section, I asked Jen to help me out with selecting her company’s product.  I picked up the RAW Mascara and a Mineral Pencil to try them out.  The pencil goes on smooth and the mascara builds with each application which is nice if you want a light look or a heavy look.  Personally I like the light look so I am delighted with my purchase.

You can download their brochure here:

If you want to find out more about the product line, give Bosena’s Aesthetics a call at 905-333-4958.

Of course, the best beauty of all is your inner beauty that shins through whether you have make-up on or not.

May your day be filled with beautiful interactions with like-minded people.

Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner

Earth Lab Cosmetics – Vegan, high quality and made in Canada.

Earth Lab Cosmetics

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