A new twist on Juice lids

Two types of lids for your second serving of juice that you store in a mason jar in the fridge

Fellow juicers,

On a recent trip to Canadian Tire with @OrganicExpert, she let me in on a new lid she purchased for her daily juice.

We both juice daily and store our second serving in a mason jar with a steal lid and ring in the fridge for later in the day.   The new one she let me know about is a plastic lid that is a one-piece plastic lid.  We walked over to the canning isle and sure enough they had them.

I was a bit skeptical for two reasons – plastic and stains.

  • Plastic is not a great thing to store your daily juice in as it gives off toxins.  I was pleased to see that the lids come in a cardboard box that allows for plenty of airing off.
  • Stains – juice does stain items. You have to clean up immediately.  The carrots often leave a stain on the steal lids which requires some scrubbing so with an all-white lid I was nervous that I would now own 8 stained lids.  I am happy to report that they clean-up very well – no stains yet to report.

The added benefit is that they tend not to drip as much as the two-piece lid and ring.

Whichever lid you use, your juice should be filled to the top of the jar to avoid oxidation.

Happy juicing,

Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner

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