Water – in Ontario just don’t realize how lucky we are

Sitting at the dock down at the river, drinking my well water and reading book on water. I have new respect for my water sources.

Water all around me and yet not a drop can I drink…….

Recently I was up at my cottage sitting on our dock drinking my morning lemon water and reading a book about water.  I was amazed to realize how much of the world does not have access to water – let alone clean drinking water.

In Ontario, Canada, water is everywhere.  We have four of five the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay, James Bay and countless fresh water streams, rivers and lakes.  We use terms like” I am going to the lake this weekend, up the creek without a paddle, are you going for a paddle (your canoe or kayak), going to the boat” and that’s just the summer.  Come the winter we skate on any safe frozen surface.  Water is part of our culture.

The drought in Ontario this summer really made me think about the impact of drought and how we take water for granted.  We think nothing of just turning on the tap for a refreshing glass of water.

We are lucky as our tap water is safe to drink – at least safe from parasites and bacteria.  Our municipal water treatment plants add chemicals to ensure we have potable water.  The real question you need to ask yourself is, are you OK with the chemicals in your water?

I suggest you do some research into your drinking water – I bet you will be surprised at the chemicals that are in it that can impact your health.

  • Chlorine – while added to kill bacteria and parasites it reacts with other naturally occurring elements to form trichloroethane (THMs) as well as other chlorinated hydrocarbons.  These toxins have been linked to infertility and various cancers.  Incidents of cancer are 44% higher among those that use chlorinated water.  Here is a good article to read: http://www.alive.com/articles/view/18356/chlorinated_drinking_water
  • Fluoride – Western Europe and Quebec do not add fluoride to their water.  In fact, there is little evidence to show that fluoride helps with tooth decay and instead leads to harm in your brain, thyroid, bones and kidneys.  Here are two good articles on the impacts of fluoride to your health.  The first is a good article for people in Ontario to read: http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/drinking-water-debate, This article is a response to the first article :http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/letters-to-the-editor-april-2010 (read the entire group of letters for two sides of the debate)

These are two of the chemicals added to our water source.  Other chemicals are added through pollution and may show up as a trace elements that can have a harmful effect on the body.

So now that you are thinking – well I still need to drink water, what should I do.

  • Simple just FILTER your water.

Here are a few ways to get better drinking water from your tap:

  • Activated Carbon Filter – think Brita – easy to use and inexpensive.
  • Solid carbon block – usually a unit under your sink
  • Reverse osmosis  – usually under your sink
  • Ceramic filters – new technologies and very effective

What ever solution you buy, be sure to use it for all your drinking and cooking.  And why not let your pet have filtered water too.

I hope this post creates a thirst for knowledge on water.

Cheers to refreshing water that we in Ontario love to drink, play in and likely newly appreciate how lucky we are.


Clean water is important to people and to frogs. We both need it to survive.

Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner

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