Movie Night with TEDx Manhattan – Changing the way we eat

Ready for Movie Night?

Get the green juice out, a plate of carrots and some hummus and you are ready to enjoy a night of learning about food.

In this 2012 TED talk from TEDx Manhattan all the videos focus on Changing the Way We Eat.  Be sure to watch the video by 11 year old Birke Baehr – “What’s Wrong With Our Food System”.  There is nothing like hearing about our complex food system explained in simple terms.  Birke is a gifted young speaker who really does understand how food gets to your plate.

Another video to watch is Jamie Oliver – Teach every child about food.   Jamie does a great job of sharing a harsh view of the economic and social impact of the state of poor health in America.  He speaks to how obesity is a preventable way of life which requires people to be educated on how poor food choices are killing them.  His Food Revolution has had a really great impact on many individuals.  He will inspire you to learn more and ask yourself what are you packing in your child’s lunch.

This may not be your typical movie night.   You will be amazed by what you learn.  After you view the 2012 talks, why not set aside some time to watch the 2011 talks on your next movie night.

As you change what you eat, knowledge is key.  Invest time in your education so your journey to wellness is not a fad but a new way of life.

Enjoy a new kind of movie night.

Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner.

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