Love, gratitude and sorrow in Saskatchewan

The big sky, grass and quiet of Saskatchewan fuels the mind, body and soul.

Hello Big Sky Lovers

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting my amazing daughter in Saskatchewan. Having never been there I expected flat prairies and fields of wheat. I was so delighted by what I saw:

  • A sky that was so big and beautiful and almost 360 degrees in one view
  • A true quiet preserve – one of the few left in the world – no flights pass over the area I was in
  • Rolling hills with an endless colour palate of greens, yellows, browns that make you want to paint
  • The kindest, nicest people I have ever met.

I got to see the chickens that laid the eggs we ate, see the cows and bulls, stand in awe at the bison and enjoy the songs and flutter of birds. I experienced the wheat from the fields being ground for the chicken feed and the wheat being ground for flour to make bread. You honestly felt at peace due to the amazing landscape, extreme quiet and wonderful people.

So why the sorrow, love and gratitude?

While we were there, my daughter’s friend passed away from a car accident. He was a fine young man who just graduated from chef school and had just turned 20. He had made my daughter feel welcome in her first month in a new place. Being with my daughter as we learned of the accident to his passing was a very emotional experience. My heart breaks as I write this for his mom, his family and his friends who will miss him dearly.

In the moments that I had trouble finding joy in such an amazing place, I received my weekly newsletter from Kris Carr that was about focusing on love and gratitude. That one email was sent at the right time. I have practised gratitude for 15 years and journal about the five things I am grateful for to help reset my approach when needed. That email helped me think about all the things I am grateful for and it is a long list but the top five are: my husband, my son, my daughter, my friends and family and my health. I am surrounded by people who I love and they love me. And we tell each other often that we love each other.

My message to you is to express your love to the ones you love often.

Look after your wellness to build strength for when you really need it. Wellness is about the mind, body and soul. Losing a loved one challenges your entire spirit. Help may just be an email away when you surround yourself with other like minded people.

Thank you to the people of South Western Saskatchewan who celebrate life and share their kindness to strangers.

Have you shared your love today with the ones you care about?

Hugs to all of you.

Jo, your 9CupChallenge partner.

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