Keep an open mind on your journey to wellness

Keep an open mind to learning new ideas on your journey to wellness.

Hello lifelong learners,

So you have made the choice to start eating healthy.  Outstanding!

Here are my tips to prepare your kitchen for the journey to wellness.

  • Learn to cook – make your own – then you know what is in it.  Interestingly, many people think making your own takes longer but I find it is about the same amount of time.  And it tastes great too.
  • Learn how to use a knife – the biggest impediment to learning to cook is how to chop.  Make sure you have a good quality knife and that is it sharp.  Did you know most cuts from knives occur when the blade is dull?  Time to start listening for the clang of the travelling knife sharpening truck.
  • Learn how to be selective when you buy groceries – what you eat begins with what you bring into your home.

A story here:  Years ago, I was frustrated that my daughter always wanted sugar juice – you know fruit punch.  We usually bought frozen fruit punch concentrate as a drink for our kids.  We would make up a jug in the fridge for the kids.  It was cheaper than 100% juice, cheaper than juice boxes and we thought it was better than pop and well it did contain real juice.  But I was getting frustrated that my daughter always picked it over milk or 100% juice when she had the choice.  In fact, she wanted it all the time.  We tried to get her to drink water instead.  But she would just pour herself the fruit punch.  In a conversation with my sister-in-law when I told her about my frustration of my daughter always wanting the punch and she said, “Well then stop buying it”.  A bell went off!  It had just not occurred to me that I was in control of what I brought into the house.  So a quick chat with my hubby and we stopped buying fruit punch.   Over time, the quest for sweet drinks became 100% juice.  Last year when I received a juicer for Christmas, we almost reduced our 100% juice purchasing.  Not because I was using my juicer, but because I realized how much fruit goes into a cup of juice.  We were kidding ourselves that 100% fruit juice was a good choice over water when you were thirsty.  And if you wanted fruit, eating it in its natural state gave you idea of what a serving size was.  The glasses we served juice in were enough for three servings.  So the real story here is you have the choice of what you fill in your grocery cart.  As a parent, a partner, a spouse, a friend, think twice about your impact of what comes into your home.  Sometimes the wake-up call is all you need.

  • Learn how to empty your fridge before you buy more groceries – this will save you money and reduce waste.  You also get very creative with ingredients when you are looking at what remains in the fridge.  Don’t be afraid to try new combinations – so you make a few creations that taste awful – not all will.  In fact, most will amaze you.  This is your chance to be creative with food.
  • Learn to read labels – know what is in your food. Yes it will take you longer in the grocery store and your partner/spouse/friends will wonder why it takes you so long but you will be surprised to see what goes into your food.  Read every product label that man has created.  Once you start to compare product ingredients with others on the shelf, you will feel empowered with your choice.
  • Learn new ways to prepare food – open yourself up to new ideas.  Start visiting you local library for books on how you can eat 9 cups of vegetables and fruit each day of your life.  Educating yourself is the key to success.

I have opened my own mind and will be forever grateful I had the time to keep learning about how to create a path to wellness.

Cheers to your personal 9CupChallenge.

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